Auctions 101


  • It is the most logical.
  • It is the surest method.
  • It sells at the time desired.
  • It is the quickest method.
  • It is the most convenient.
  • The highest price can be secured.
  • It gives the sale individuality.
  • It stimulates competition.
  • Auction advertising is more effective.
  • It is the fairest method.
  • It puts bidders in a positive frame of mind.
  • It creates an atmosphere favorable to auction.
  • It brings buyers to a moment of decision.
  • It is the most fascinating way.
  • It raises the price little by little.
  • It is natural to want what others desire.
  • It gives all an equal chance.
  • Bids are influenced by the judgment of others.
  • It may bring more than the asking price.
  • Judgment of the public controls price.
  • Price is determined by multiple buyers.
  • Offers are secured on the spur of the moment.
  • Public intelligence is the best guarantee.
  • Bidders prepare for auction.
  • Seller prepares for auction.
  • It makes good conditions for closing.
  • It arouses enthusiasms.
  • It is the better grade of salesmanship.
  • Bidders appreciate using their own judgment.
  • Excuses are easier overcome.
  • Hospitality and sociability create interest.
  • The owner sets no ceiling.
  • It is the most economical way.
  • Risk is reduced to a minimum.
  • It is the most efficient.
  • It is the modern method of marketing.
  • It creates the sporting spirit.

The Auction: your choices.

Munari Auctions offers many different ways to sell your property. Here is how they work:

Your property is examined to identify the item, determine the validity, condition, marketability and possible methods of sale.

There are many methods to sell your valuable property. You can even sell your item yourself.

A very unique method of selling is by having a live auction. A contract between the auctioneer and the seller is completed and signed by both parties. In this contract all terms and conditions of sale are spelled out. This is basically, who, what, where and how things shall go forward. A date is picked for the auction sale and the manner in which the auctioneer will offer the property. The auction method/platform for sale could be one or a combination of the following: timed online, online and live, live only, using, Munari Auctions site in conjunction with Proxibid. Sometimes we will utilize Ebay. Proxibid is an auction site that is for professional auctioneers and not the general public. This platform is the finest way to get sellers items presented to the public. This is the link to Proxibid:

Another method is a Supervised Estate Sale.  We will come to your location and prepare an estate sale.  We handle everything.  (For more info call (702) 236-4114)

After the sale. The proceeds will be distributed usually within seven days.

We can help liquidate assets that are not making you any money or taking up valuable space.  Holding on to items are costly expenses.  Let us turn your collections, antiques and personal property into some cash.